Is the Ninja Air Fryer the Best Air Fryer? (Nope, and here is why)


No, I haven’t tried the Ninja Air Fryer myself. But I can assure you that this machine is not ‘the best air fryer’ you can buy. Okay it is good, but not the best.

So, why is that?

I believe that the Philips Airfryer is the very best air fryer you can buy. This air fryer comes with a unique but very important feature that the Ninja Air Fryer does not have.

Just to make things clear. I have nothing against the Ninja Air Fryer, but I just want to explain to you why it isn’t the number 1 air fryer you can buy.

The Starfish is the secret

What makes the Philips Airfryer so unique and very different from all the other air fryers that are available?

The patented secret can be found inside the air fryer on the bottom of the pan. This pan has a unique shape, that Philips calls the ‘starfish’. And no other air fryer brand comes with this shape (but they would if they could – believe me).

The starfish is the secret.

This starfish makes sure that the heated air inside circulates in the most optimal way as possible, which is called the rapid air technology.

This unique feature doesn’t only beat the Ninja Air Fryer, it beats all the competition out of the water.

Okay, it isn’t rocket science what is happening inside the air fryer. But the video below shows you that the starfish really improves the way the air flows inside the air fryer, which result in better cooked food.

And that is what you want to do with an air fryer right?

In the video you can see a comparison with an air fryer that comes with a flat bottom pan (like any other air fryer). And an air fryer with the starfish bottom pan.

As you can see yourself, the confetti rotates more intensively inside the one with the starfish. This means a better air flow which improves the air frying results.

Philips Airfryer is way more powerfull

The Philips Airfryer has an optimal airflow. And because of this the air fryer has more power than its competition.

The Philips Airfryer XXL for instance comes with 2225 watts. While the Ninja Air Fryer only comes with 1550 watts

So watts? Uh what?

Advantages of the starfish and more power

  1. The higher power makes sure that the air fryer is on the set temperature much quicker.
  2. The 2225 watts makes sure that the air fryer can hold it set temperature, even when you open the basket. Other air fryer looses heat over time, especially when you want to air fry cold or frozen food.
  3. The starfish is patented, this means only the Philips Airfryer can make use of the rapid air technology. All the competition can only use frying pans with a flat bottom, which results in less power and less optimized air flow.
  4. This one is very important. Because of the star fish the food inside the basket is heated from top and bottom. When you compare this with a generic air fryer, the food is only heated from the top. That is why most of the time food isn’t equally fried or cooked.

Frying, cooking, grilling and more

I sound like a salesman for Philips, but believe me I am not. Again, I am testing air fryers since 2015 from all types of brands and I am here to tell you about my experience with these machines.

So when I compare the Philips Airfryer against all the other air fryer I am using. Then I can only conclude that the Philips Airfryer is superior to the rest.

That is because a Philips Airfryer isn’t only a modern and more healthier alternative for a deep fryer. No, you can use the Philips Airfryer for more things than just airfrying crispy chicken and potato wedges in the weekend.

With the right air fryer accessories you can transfrom the air fryer into a wok pan, baking pan or oven. You can even dry fruits, nuts and grains to make your own granola. Or how about baking your own bread with the baking pan.

To end this post, I don’t want to say the Ninja Air Fryer isn’t any good. No, it is a wonderful device and a lot of people love this machine a lot. But in my opinion, it is not the very best air fryer. That is, if you ask me, the Philips Airfryer XXL.